What is a Mother?

Real Ladies Talk...

Mother silhouette with baby

     A mother by definition is just a female parent; one who gives birth to a baby. We have a lot of those in this world. A lot of people who have kids and that’s it, they just have kids. Having a child doesn’t make you mommy. We are actually in need of more mommies’. A mommy is the person who cares for you and loves you unconditionally. We all need mommies but we don’t all have them. Most people in fact have mothers. Some don’t have either, due to death and abandonment. It doesn’t take much to open your legs, but it takes your whole heart and spirit to care for a child. Many girls are having babies, not realizing that this infant is counting on you for survival. It’s too often you hear people saying it was an accident, that they didn’t know. That’s a lie. We…

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