Who doesn’t love Babies!


These days, can be difficult to let good things shine through. One good thing that I enjoy is babies. I love babies, they are new and pretty to look at and they smell good.  (I suspect it is all of the aromatic stuff that is applied to babies.  Tee  hee.) Holding a baby is a joyous thing. Love flows to and from holder and holdee.

Holding and cuddling babies is essential for babie’s growth and development,  not to mention what it does for adults.  lol  Skin to skin contact is best with baby’s ear pressed to the holders chest letting  her hear that familiar sound of Mom’s breathing and heartbeat, like when they were in the womb. Babies naturally cling which makes the holder feel good too.

An infants cry  prompts an action from the caregiver. Sometimes it is a guessing game as to what is needed to shut the…

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