Studies Show Alternative Birthing Positions Reduce Pain & Orgasm Is Possible

Prenatal Bliss

HippieWhen the topic of child birth comes up we might first think of new life and a beautiful miracle, but after that we might think of the agonizing pain that is experienced by most mothers who give birth to a child. Could it be possible that the body was meant to experience birth in a different way? First let’s understand a bit more about a “modern birth.”

Advances in modern medicine are often believed to create a higher quality of life and said to be a big step forward. Is this true in every case though? When we examine the current process of child birth, which modern medicine has put millions of women through, some would say that many aspects of the process are quite unnatural.

Today in the US, 65.9% of vaginal births use the lithomy position during the second stage of labor. This is the typical position you…

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