Mommy/pregnancy brain: I can’t remember anything….



To give you an idea of how bad my mommy brain is:

During a 4am feed a few nights ago, I thought of writing about some of the silly things my sleep-deprived self has been doing lately (aka mommy brain). And for the following few days, I couldn’t remember what I wanted to write about! It took me two days to remember that I wanted to talk about this. TWO DAYS! OMG.

So clearly, I am having some serious memory problems since the second bubs came along.

Some of the silly things I have done (or forgotten about):

1. Went to pour orange juice into my cereal…

2. Loaded the kids and baby gear (stroller, diaper bag, etc…basically everything but the kitchen sink) into the car. Started the car up and could not remember if i had locked the front door. I sat there for a couple minutes visualizing leaving the…

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