Looking after baby teeth


Thanks to Lyndsey from Swords Dental for this post tonight. I have to admit not using kids toothpaste and only using adult toothpaste was a revelation to me.

lynkatieLooking after your baby’s teeth.
Your baby’s first tooth should appear at around 6 months. All 20 baby teeth usually appear by age 3 and this is a great age for their first check-up.
When the first teeth start to appear you should start brushing. Use a small headed baby toothbrush and water until your child is two years old.
Your baby may find it strange at first but will soon get used to the sensation.
It is often easier to clean your baby’s teeth if you are behind them. Good toothbrushing positions include on your knee, the changing mat or in a baby chair or high chair.
Bath time is often a good time to introduce toothbrushing.
Toothpaste should not…

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