Day 64: Preparing a Baby to Fly

A Father on Pappa Leave

We are already on our way to Hong Kong again tomorrow, and aside from packing our bags, it means making sure the little guy is ready to fly.  We learned a lot on our first flight with the little guy, and a lot of it is about confidence, not worrying about what other people might be thinking, and setting the little guy up for success.  How do you do that?  If you make it so the baby is prepared, you have put together the right ingredients for them to be happy.  Here are some steps that we take:

  • When hanging out with the baby in the days and weeks before the flight, quite often, have them on your lap facing away from you, just like you would on a flight during takeoff and landing.  Play games with them where you whisper in their ear and move their arms, and so…

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