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I am amongst the “humans” again as of two weeks ago. After three fantasy months with my new baby girl, Sadie, I am squeezing my new baby lumps into clothes and sitting in an office. Maybe I wasn’t home long enough or I desired to be a mommy for so long because I was NOT ready to check back in with reality. I got used to using my “mommy brain” 24/7 and cherished every second. I have no regrets on how I spent my days in munchkinland. The first four weeks is all about keeping her alive and figuring out ounces and pump machines and nipples. The second month is keeping both of you alive and still figuring out the ounces shit. The third month is more playtime and finally realizing what you just survived. And still figuring out ounces and pumping. For three months, the world outside just shut…

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