Making the Leap; the Second Child.

Aficionado of the Parenting Variety.

I didn’t know what having a second child would be like. I knew it would be hard but I tried not to think about it much through the pregnancy as I figured it wouldn’t do any good. I reassured any doubts with the knowledge that I at least had all the basic skills down this time and so surely in that respect it should all be a little easier. There are 26 months between Beast and Hippo and I knew that two under 3 would be hard but hey, it’s not two under two, right? People seem to cope with that, so I would be just fine.

The first fortnight when my Other Half was off to help was bliss. I recovered well, astonishingly well really in comparison to after I gave birth to the Beast, and I was much more relaxed and less hormonal in general. I did get an infection…

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