How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

Brushing Up

steps to care for baby's teeth

In the first few months, you fall in love with your baby’s sweet gummy smile. Underneath those gums, your child already has the beginnings of their baby and adult teeth. To help keep your baby’s teeth healthy throughout childhood and adulthood, here are some simple steps.

Step 1 – Clean Your Child’s Teeth and Gums:
Even before your infant’s teeth come in, start wiping the gums with a damp cloth, gauze, or infant toothbrush. As soon as the teeth begin to erupt, you should be brushing your child’s teeth twice a day.

Step 2 – Avoid Bedtime Bottles:
Try not to give your baby a bottle at bedtime. If your child needs something comforting, try a bottle filled with water, not sugary drinks.

Step 3 – Avoid Sugary Pacifiers:
Do not dip your child’s pacifiers in anything sweet, even honey. Only use clean, orthodontic pacifiers, which are actually designed for…

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