Formula vs. Breastmilk

Paper Moon

The first few days of my son’s life, he was starving.

Right after he was born, I began trying to breastfeed him. I continued (or so I thought) for the first few days, but our perfectly behaved little boy was growing more and more upset as every day passed.

After 4 days, the nurses told me that my son was losing too much weight. After consulting with many nurses, doctors, and lactation consultants we realized that I wasn’t producing as much colostrum/milk as I was supposed to be producing.

Soon, I was hooked to a breast pump and my son was given formula to supplement the little bit of milk I was producing. I never expected to have to use formula, but I wasn’t against it.

As it turns out, the nurses had known that I wasn’t producing enough to feed my son. They had seen his weight loss, they…

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