Baby Term Tuesday: Colic

Polished Purposeful Pretty

Colic is the term used to describe excessive crying in an otherwise healthy baby.
This description is super frustrating to parents of a colicky baby because it is very hard to imagine that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with their baby when he is constantly crying/screaming and is clearly in pain.
The current advice is that colic is actually the result of overstimulation rather than physical pain like wind or constipation. A busy environment can be to much for an immature nervous system.
To be perfectly honest there is literally almost nothing you can do to completely soothe a colicky baby however that doesn’t mean you should try nothing, TRY EVERYTHING MUMMA! from rocking, to singing, swinging, white noise like the running shower or vacumn. Bouncing while  holding bub in every possible way. Sit on the bed and bounce, bop, pop, pat, hum, and repeat shhhh shhhhh shhhhh over…

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