What is a Mother?

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     A mother by definition is just a female parent; one who gives birth to a baby. We have a lot of those in this world. A lot of people who have kids and that’s it, they just have kids. Having a child doesn’t make you mommy. We are actually in need of more mommies’. A mommy is the person who cares for you and loves you unconditionally. We all need mommies but we don’t all have them. Most people in fact have mothers. Some don’t have either, due to death and abandonment. It doesn’t take much to open your legs, but it takes your whole heart and spirit to care for a child. Many girls are having babies, not realizing that this infant is counting on you for survival. It’s too often you hear people saying it was an accident, that they didn’t know. That’s a lie. We…

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Relationship Survival Tips for New Parents – Get ready for Parenthood


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6 Heart-melting Baby Gifts

The office has been abuzz with baby talk recently; from the birth of Princess Charlotte to our good friend’s son. New arrivals are an exciting time for everyone, but knowing what to get expecting parents can be daunting. We think it’s always best to go with something practical (with an ounce of cute). In case you ever get stuck on ideas here is our baby gift guide.

1) Cardi Cuteness

As cliche as it sounds, kids grow up fast. When it comes to dressing them up in adorable animal themed clothing you’re rather limited on time (unless you’re brave enough to wrestle an eight year old into a rabbit onesie). It doesn’t get much cuter than Seed Heritage’s Hooded Cardi with Ears. Trust us said child’s mates will thank you at the 21st.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.07.10 am

2) Coveralls

Bonds’ basics can’t be beat. Their Newbies Coveralls are a great (durable) option for young’uns. They come in a range of…

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Grobags are a great transitions from wrapping baby and for keeping a little worm warm at night.

We didn’t transition straight to a bag, which was our first mistake as we have a worm, she is at one end of the cot at one stage and up the other the next, on top of the blankets and under the next.

So we finally put her in a bag and hey presto it slowed her down and keeps her nice and warm.

They come in all sorts of thickness’s, arm lengths and sizes.

We tried other brands which were a little cheaper and just didn’t compare.

Trundling Tractors Grobag: Review & Giveaway

Dad Without A Map

Getting a baby to sleep has to be number one on any new parent’s wish list.

There are reams of advice about the best way to teach your baby how to self-soothe, what type of bed to use, when they should sleep and so on. But one of the most important things to consider is what they are wearing to bed and we found that a baby sleep bag was a little bit of a miracle in establishing Baby B’s routine.

Grobag Trundling Tractors Review

Last year I wrote about how we’d got on in the early months, and when I look back now Baby B wasn’t the easiest when it came to night time, although he has always been a pretty good daytime napper.

We started off swaddling but he soon became adept at undoing our lovingly crafted cocoon. So after around 8 weeks we decided to invest in a baby sleep…

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BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

This Pram has been our lifesaver. We have used it from birth and still using it two years on.

Can’t believe how cheap it is now. I wish it was this cheap when we bought it.

With the latest innovative features, the Revolution SE is perfect for any sport experience. From the zoo to the beach, zip through congested areas and around tight corners with the revolutionary swivelling front wheel or lock it in place for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough. Easy fold, lightweight design means this BOB is ready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you. The state of the art suspension ensures baby will have a smooth ride on the journey. If your little one is not quite ready for the roomy, comfortable seat, the Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray when he’s older. Also available in a Dually two seat model.

bob 2

Designed with a pivoting front wheel and a lightweight frame, the BOB Revolution SE Stroller offers a smooth ride and is ideal for everyday activities and not-so-everyday adventures. The easy-to-fold frame and suspension system provide convenience and comfort that both you and your baby will appreciate. And the stroller is packed with extra features like a reclining seat and a adjustable, multi-position canopy.

Assembly Requirements:
Minimal assembly required

Limited five-year warranty on frame; limited one-year warranty on small parts and fabric

Three-wheeled design with swivelling front wheel. View larger.
Five-point padded harness
Five-point padded harness. View larger.
Front Wheel Pivots Fully for Easy Manoeuvring
Whether you’re walking in the park or turning tight corners, the Revolution SE Stroller offers superior manoeuvrability with a swivelling front wheel that fully rotates. Featuring a three-wheeled design, the stroller has two rear wheels that are wide and sturdy for use on a variety of surfaces. You can also lock the front wheel in a forward position for increased stability when jogging or when the terrain turns rough.

For convenience, the accessory adapter allows you to attach the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately) so you can use the stroller with popular infant car seats.

Suspension System for Smooth Ride
An adjustable suspension system provides your child with an exceptionally smooth ride. The system is designed with two-position shock absorbers for comfort and reliability. A five-point padded harness with fasteners that are tightened by easy-to-use pull rings keeps your child secure.

For added safety, you can quickly engage a rear-wheel brake system with your foot.

Compact, Easy-to-Fold Frame
Made from strong aluminium alloy, the two-step folding frame offers easy transport for busy parents and caregivers. The lightweight frame folds down to a compact size for storage and transport. The durable fabric is easy to clean, stain resistant, and comes in a selection of colours to suit your style.

Multiple Adjustment and Storage Options
When your child falls asleep during a long walk, he or she will appreciate the padded, adjustable reclining seat that tilts back to 70 degrees from vertical. The stroller also includes a multi-position canopy for protection against the elements with a large viewing window that lets you keep an eye on your baby.

Offering various storage options, the Revolution is designed with two interior pockets, a seat-back pocket, and a hanging basket underneath for storing everything from bottles and snacks to wallets and keys.

Warranty Information
The BOB Revolution SE Stroller is backed by a limited five-year warranty on the frame and a limited one-year warranty on the small parts and fabric.

Looking after baby teeth


Thanks to Lyndsey from Swords Dental for this post tonight. I have to admit not using kids toothpaste and only using adult toothpaste was a revelation to me.

lynkatieLooking after your baby’s teeth.
Your baby’s first tooth should appear at around 6 months. All 20 baby teeth usually appear by age 3 and this is a great age for their first check-up.
When the first teeth start to appear you should start brushing. Use a small headed baby toothbrush and water until your child is two years old.
Your baby may find it strange at first but will soon get used to the sensation.
It is often easier to clean your baby’s teeth if you are behind them. Good toothbrushing positions include on your knee, the changing mat or in a baby chair or high chair.
Bath time is often a good time to introduce toothbrushing.
Toothpaste should not…

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